Why CardsMela ?

CardsMela (www.cardsmela.com) is the product under Akshar Tech Media Pvt. Ltd. And it is the platform created with clear vision of Digitally Empowering Local Indian Businesses, makes it easy to Local Indian Businesses to create their business listings & to connect with their customers. One-Stop for all their digital presence & marketing needs.

CardsMela is a one-stop for all the needs. It is a portal that seeks to help both the business owners and the employee. Listing various websites gives them the edge of being top-ranked in the search engine, giving them more business and a competitive edge over others.

We reinvent a business, from the time you initiate till your services outreach a mass audience, we prioritize to cater our services to you.

CardsMela is about the business and for the business. The services that will make you want to list in our platform

👉 Local Businesses Search Engine Platform

👉 Reinventing Traditional Paper Visiting Cards & Its Limitations.

👉 Assistance In Designing Business Profiling.

👉 Assistance In Setting Up & Handling Social Media Accounts.

👉 Ad Campaigning & Promotions.

👉 Business Lead Generation.

👉 Business Networking.

👉 Website Development , Graphics Designing , Mobile Application Development.

It’s all about the first step, one step at a time. Instant success is a myth, everything takes time to build, and for that, the right platform can boost the ladder of growth. Researching, accepting and camouflaging, are the three basic rules of any business that seeks growth in the nearest future.